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The company has been in the business since 1996 starting as the distributor of car accessories. Production departments were opened soon and our own products such as car booster seats and car  liquids  were introduced to our market too. The main object of our production became car baby seats what was connected with growing demand  for articles  increasing safety transport of children. This production has been developing step by step and now we can offer large range of modern  car baby seats corresponding to high requirements   of all European and  overseas  countries.

Production, quality and prices

 Our plants  situated at RADOM  include three sections:

Car baby seats - Our  main products are care baby seats of different kinds – 12  models  for babies and children of the weight 9-36 KG,  with plastic  or polystyrene shells. They all are made according to  UN  ECE 44/03 and 44/04 regulations  and received the respective  certificates.

Car liquids - We produce summer and winter screenwashes, de-icers, cooling liquids, car-care articles such as car shampoos, cockpit spray, car milk etc.

Various articles - we make also seat covers, car T-shirts, tow ropes .In many other car accessories we constantly cooperate with the best home and foreign producers.

Our activities have a large scale and we always follow the  principle  “big turnover – small profit”, what makes possible to offer our goods of high quality at  very competitive prices.

These factors enable us to cover not only the increasing part of demand of the Polish market but also permit us to export our products to many European  countries.

Logistics and merchandising

Our customers are European super and hypermarket networks, automotive wholesalers and filling-station networks. Most of our products are distributed from our central warehouse in the city of Radom (central Poland).
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Notes: Plastic car baby seats are produced with a modern and sophisticated machine bought by PHENIX   with support of the European Funds for Regional Development- Priority I , program 1.5 RPOWM 2007-2013.                                               PHENIX received also the  European support for the initiation of  the Exports Plan for Car Baby Seats within  the program   6.1   POIG 2007-2013.